Data Exchange Center in Shanghai was established today that global data centre

Data Exchange Center in Shanghai was established today that global data centre for economic

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On April 1, the data exchange center in the new Jingan district, Shanghai City North high-tech Park was founded and established the Alliance of big data of Shanghai.

Data Center is approved by the Shanghai Municipal People’s Government of Shanghai, Shanghai Municipal economic and information Commission, Shanghai Municipal Commission of Commerce official reply jointly to set up state-controlled mixed-ownership enterprises. By the Shanghai information investment company, China Telecom, China Unicom, China electronic information industrial group, Shen Neng (Group) company limited, Shanghai yidian holding (Group) company, Shanghai Jing praised technology development co, Shanghai information technology company limited, Wanda information company limited, Shanghai Alliance investment management company jointly founded with registered capital of 200 million Yuan.

The establishment, data exchange center in Shanghai unit signed a strategic cooperation agreement on behalf of the shareholders, and managed by the Shanghai Bank credit line of 2 billion yuan. Wealth in Chinese market panic because you didn

Shanghai Municipal Information Commission introduces data exchange center in Shanghai has undertaken to promote the commercial data marketing, cross-regional collaboration and data Association, government data and commercial data integration application functions.

From specific function Shang, Shanghai data trading center is Shanghai City big data development “trading institutions + innovation base + industry fund + development Union + Research Center” five bit one planning layout within of important function sex institutions, the trading center will is committed to promoted Pan long triangle area and national data trading institutions of interconnected Exchange and depth cooperation, formed sound specification of commercial data trading, and exchange mechanism, common promote commercial data assets circulation, and full release data resources derivative products bonus.

The data center located in the city of Shanghai high-tech industrial zone in the North, is Shanghai’s first large industrial bases, Shanghai City, the only cloud computing industry base.

Old North high-tech zone, industrial restructuring, and is the first layout of cloud computing, big data industry, high-tech zone. In 2013, the city North high-tech zone by the Ministry of science and technology identified as cloud computing, big data features national professional incubator, the Park has been formed from the incubator to the accelerator to cluster the whole chain of large industrial development system.

So far, the Shanghai data Hong Kong, Dr Peng, GDS, wing, easily may think the complex higher, Shanghai film art and a number of the leading enterprises in the industry, high-tech industrial zone in the North, Microsoft, Dell, Oracle, Intel and other world famous enterprises also signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the Park. Also gathered in the Park at present, China Telecom, China Unicom, China Mobile, nearly 20 communications operators, Tencent and Alibaba, nearly 40 Internet companies and more than more than 30 financial services enterprise data centers, the Shanghai region with the highest density data center to form a “Chief cloud cloud, Office, medical, education, financial clouds clouds” and other cloud services platform.

Shanghai is striving to build a national data center for Science Data Exchange Center, Asia-Pacific and global “economic data” Center, form a set of trade data, application services and advanced industry as one of the largest data the strategic high ground. Data Exchange Center in Shanghai is Shanghai big data “1+5” one of five specific implementation within the overall development plan.

It is reported that is expected by the end of this year, Governments across the country to promote the establishment of data exchange will reach 15 to 20.


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