Reticulocyte Agency CEO network anchors a monthly salary of 100 000 Is false

Chengdu business daily, August 1, 2016 is called “network broadcast of the first year in China.” According to incomplete statistics, number of online broadcasting platform in China has more than 200 homes, number of network anchors are active on these platforms cannot be quantified.

With network red economic of March, its commercial mode also constantly evolution, except some spontaneous settled live platform, and accidentally growth up of anchor outside, many network red behind of professional marketing team also looming, mass foster network red of “network red incubator” gradually into people vision, network live platform of competition increasingly fierce: actually Fund, and Sequoia Capital, and IDG, top investment institutions have layout; Tencent, and micro-Bo, and Mo Mo, Internet giant have intervention…… However, relies on red Mobile new traffic era entrance, while enjoying traffic Carnival over more than 200 live platform fight melee, also accelerated the industry reshuffle.

Recently, the Chengdu business daily reporters into a net in Chengdu red brokerage company “nine fish media” to interview their CEO, exploring those “earning millions” stories behind the anchors. While reporters also interviewed some well-known Webcast platform company, at the dawn of the era of live for all, how far can this go? Their business logic, and where is the future?

Network anchors behind the mysterious “Trade Union”

In one of today’s most popular mobile broadcast platform “reflected”, you need only take a few seconds to register an account, you can broadcast live, mobile phone camera in the world is your stage. However, hot on the stage is not easy. Established in 2015 of nine fish media, red incubator is a professional network of brokerage firms, and in 2014, its predecessor, was a “Trade Union”.

“You can see two kinds of network anchors, one is the ‘ Union ‘, which is purely personal. “Nine fish Media CEO Li Xu said in an exclusive interview with Xinhua, a couple of years ago, network host active mainly on the PC side of the stage, the peak national TV platform as much as nearly 200. Platform, to manage host is not realistic, so there will be a “Trade Union”-a “Trade Union” absorbed a number of anchors, volume for a particular platform, on behalf of the host and platform conditions, and its anchors were management and operation and maintenance. Even at the time, many live platform allows only “Trade Union” district, anchors are not allowed entry. Since 2016, national broadcast trend in full swing, this also reduces the entry threshold of anchors. Li Xu said that now looked like such a broadcast platform, many anchors are spontaneously settled in, the “Trade Union” to some extent, but they settled in the platform or through other forms, and anchors are backed by “trade unions” or brokerage firms, can also enjoy the support of a lot of resources.

Top host 2 million a month? Only extreme cases

Previously, circulating on the Internet an “a live platform gold anchor price list” shows that the platform “social status” anchor with the highest contract price January reached 2 million. Working three years Li Xu believes that water much like PAPI top screen red sauce really lucrative, but only extreme cases, “which anchors tell you if 100,000 a month, mostly false. ”

Professional brokerage firms, online link anchors is the most basic business, the company also will pick in the affiliated mass of anchors who will focus on training, formed anchor-affiliated artist intern-exclusive artist talent Echelon. Artist intern, mostly training, company training series for it, through a variety of ways to increase exposure. Exclusive artists are almost as a member of the company, to work in the company, participating in planning and filming, enjoy the most resources.

Recently, iResearch published 2016 reticulocyte ecological white paper shows, red current network economy are the main models are advertising, business, tips, broker training, capital and so on. Nine fish media, there are three main modes: platform-sharing, advertising, selling goods. Said Li Xu, for brokerage companies, the platform into the current account for a large proportion of overall revenues are not, however, remain important, because they are more worried about fans of platform data. “How many fans you have, this is an indicator, the index companies to do a lot of things for you. ”

Li Xu said, in their ordinary show companies affiliated farmers sowing, earns mostly in the thousands of Yuan a month, some anchors broadcast live one hour received one thousand or two thousand Yuan of gifts, but that only a very small minority. Artist intern and exclusive artist of income would have been better, because apart from gifts into advertising revenue, also received the company’s base salary, to them its exclusive artists, for example, guarantees 6000 Yuan a month, adding up to a monthly salary of tens of thousands of General, but “100,000 a month” must be at a distance.

Reporters observed: noodles, gifts can “brush”

Exterior scenery behind the anchor exactly how much is water data, it may be hard for someone to say. Recently, the Chengdu business daily reporters register in their personal capacity for a mobile broadcast platform, test results are interesting – journalists live after a few seconds after the opening live, system display 2 viewers into the room, and waited for a few seconds, the audience instantly increased the number to around 20 people. In fact, reporters blocking the camera live on the screen was dark and no picture and sound, that is, even if you don’t live, reporters remained stable around 20 fans in the room. Secret insiders said, such as “zombie” exists in the room of the “audience” were robots, or platforms “bonus” can cause a lively impression of the room.

“Data on the brush, this is the unspoken rules of the industry as a whole. “As an industry, Li Xu is not taboo to reporters broadcast live data injection–2014 year started fires, basically any anchor began broadcasting the platform hung more than 1000 people, resulting in very lively impression of the room. Now, too, some platform or “unions” operations will be maintained in the room, disguised as a normal audience offered an anchor gift. In the view of Li Xu, “selling goods” is one thing, you don’t brush gift, you cannot drive the atmosphere of the room, real users would not have gifts, and brush gift more anchor weights and rankings will also forward, enhancing its visibility. Now, Li Xu, the company has more than more than 10 operations, almost a butt of a platform, its anchor on the platform, and operations personnel will enter the room to help maintain order or brush popularity.

Who is sowing gift? “Little black” to “local tyrants”

8:20 P.M. a Saturday in Chengdu anchorwoman “bleating” reflects live in the room, the system displays the online audience and 2970; 20 minutes later, the audience grew to 11,000 people, then up to 18,000 people. BAA is one college student in Chengdu, the current number of fans more than 270,000 people.

The bottom of the screen, the audience an endless stream of speakers; the top of the screen, fans sent gifts constantly brushing the screen. Whether the statement or the gift, actually needs to recharge in the mapping of virtual “diamond dollars” in order to operate, the most expensive gifts such as Cherry, watermelon and other 0.1 Yuan, the most expensive “cruise” value of 1314. Reporters noted, within a short 10-minute broadcast, one Netizen even sent 200 “watermelon”. Live broadcasting for three months, bleating harvested a total of 8.56 million reflecting, converted into renminbi to withdraw 270,000 yuan, equivalent to the average daily income of 3000.

Li Xu said, yiqian she and side of friends has suspected whether really has audience sent gift, until later she also Dang had a time of anchor Hou only found, real audience will in many anchor of room into Access out, not immediately sent gift, until a days encountered like of anchor, may will exception sent gift, habit habits Hou, yihou as long as this anchor online, he will gift. “Don’t look down on a little black number”–this is the host circulated in the industry’s jargon. According to Li Xu explained, “little black” refers to those passing through no hierarchy, no showers, these people have the potential to develop into “local tyrants”, and once they opened the cut sent you presents, gifts of standards will not be compromised. In addition, these big spenders will fans group, interact and anchor outside the platform, guardian anchors. In addition, it was suddenly entered the room to take the host your ceremony, and then disappeared. Li Xu said she didn’t understand why.

“Industry analysis”

Dividends begin to disappear, industry accelerated shuffle

According to the first financial and commercial data center recently released data report shows the 2016 Shang Hong, China’s people’s Congress in 2016, stir industry output value is expected to be close to 58 billion yuan.

However, Li Xu in the dip circles for many years, these lively and colorful fireworks like appearance, in fact, reticulocyte economic dividends are disappearing under the surface, but in reality in order to survive. In their “Trade Union” 2014 into rows, webcast is a PC side of the world, into 2015, all broadcast platforms have sprung up from the country live platform fight bloody. First half of especially the 2016 universal broadcast wave, PC end of dominance in the past has been a mobile broadcast platform to shake, at present the industry much the form YY, reflecting, the pattern of paradise fish, pepper etc and DuPont.

“Because of this industry at the outlet, so it changes every day. “Li Xu said that this spring, they only had two days off because of concerns that too long back suddenly has a change of day of the holiday. But after just two days, the rapid changes in the industry are still messed up years ago they set plans. Intracranial hemorrhage in Chongqing 9 year old

“Trade Union” and brokerage companies, the platform as a “Trade Union” attached to the ceiling in the living. Li Xu said, though they settled almost in all major platforms, and force, but once on the wrong team, means that future work will not, such as many cuts by other “Trade Union” after the occupation, even when assigned to take to good resources, many policies is the same day, are constantly being adjusted.

“You ask me network Red’s economic future will be like, I don’t know, the platform does not know. I just knew I had to speed up, or you will be eaten by big fish, but after half a year. “Li Xu expects the industry reshuffle since last year will accelerate in the second half of the year, many platforms,” Trade Union “, brokerage firms will die, eventually left several” Unicorn “.

Live streaming platform is still “burning money”, which aimed at after the

Whether it is “net red” or reticulocyte brokerage companies, ultimately depends on rendering of the platforms–network live streaming platform. Around 2005, the accompanying music video network, Tudou, 56 Web, six rooms and other video sites online, user-generated content they bring “podcast” pattern also led to popular participation. And the popularity with smart terminals, network environment and constantly upgrade, 2013-2014, to the United States, second, short little lady show as a representative of popular video applications. In June 2015, by Wang Sicong investment mobile live APP “17” suddenly detonated social circle, evoked the curiosity of consumers ‘ mobile broadcast. Then, from emerging games broadcast platforms have appeared such as the fish, the Panda, and then by 2016 reflects, pepper and other mobile live APP for all the popularity of network broadcast across the country.

Live current exactly how the fire? In the venture capital industry on the database IT Orange, journalists to “live” as a keyword search 290 companies, most of which are formed in the past two years, the number is still increasing. While data show that as of June this year, nationwide has more than 200 live video platform, online platform for the year is expected to increase to 400, the market size reached 50 billion yuan.

Live hot behind the frenzy of capital was indispensable. Previously, according to “the new media class” data in the statistics of 116 in broadcast platform, there are 108 obtained financing. Participants of the capital market is for profit, and broadcast industry is thriving, but behind wants to bring this piece of cake is not easy. According to press reports, at present most live platform revenue model, except by way of advertising, e-commerce, gaming, transport, usually by a user buys “flowers, cruise” virtual gift tips such as anchors, platforms in which to cut and pumped into a different percentage of each platform.

But for now, these income operating expenses before the platform is still in the bucket, live platform still burning money. Attempts to reach the interview broadcast industry a “dark horse” map, the other person concerned declined to be interviewed. After a public message showed, launched only a year mapping has received more than 150 million Yuan financing, but insiders said that while financing a huge amount, but still a lot of money market nationwide before the broadcast industry, the money did not last long, if not more “buyers” platform operation will bottleneck.

Then the broadcast industry who want to make money? Jinfeng spring in the Saif Fund partners, invest in broadcast platform logic, is to seize after the new generation of crowd. Unique is that pepper live data also shows that as of May, the platform more than 5 million daily active users, core population mainly in the age after 90, 95.


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